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European Golf Croquet League 2024

Hello All

Well what an amazing experience but unfortunately our European adventures are over for 2024, so no trip to Madrid in October.

The event was held at Novo Sancti Petri Golf and Leisure complex and OMG probably the best lawns you could very wish to play on.

There were four teams in this qualify event, being Novo Sancti Petri (Spain), The Algarve (Portugal), Bromley and Roehampton (England).  It was a Round Robin event with each match involving four players, then playing two doubles games and eight singles, so a total of ten games per match and some seriously good players so we knew it would not be easy.

First up and in rainy conditions (9am start so no partying the night before) was the hosts Novo Sancti, their highest handicap being a 3 .  The team was Adam, Karen, Martin and Wendy. This saw singles wins for Adam and I and two singles wins for Karen (I think she was a bit happy). Special shout out to Wendy who took a 3 handicap to the golden hoop before sadly losing 7-6. The final result being 6-4 to the host club.

Next up was lunch, well what can I say, the hospitality was first class, a three course meal including steak and free flowing beer and wine, oh and soft drinks.

After lunch it was Roehampton, on paper by far the strongest team in this event and far to serious ( don't get me started ). Zero handicap being their highest handicap and down to -3. The team was Adam, Caroline, Paul and Martin. First up it was Paul and I in the first game of doubles. Paul played some of the best croquet I've ever seen him play and we went on to win 7-5. Unfortunately that was the only win and we lost the match 9-1. The last singles game finished about 20:00, so a very long day. When we left Novo and The Algarve were still playing their match.

Another early start on Sunday saw us play our last match against The Algarve, The team was Adam, Karen, Caroline and Wendy. Well this turned into the Caroline Show (or should it be the Carolina Show). Well anything Karen can do Caroline will match. Yes Caroline won both her singles matches 7-4 and 7-6 against 4 and 5 handicaps. That was it unfortunately, we lost the match 8-2.

To our surprise the host club provided lunch yet again to an even higher standard including a glass or two of fizz on top of the previous days drinks menu and a nice trophy to show our taking part.

The event was won by Roehampton, followed by Novo Sancti, The Algarve and then Team Bromley.

After lunch we had a very enjoyable friendly knock about with The Algarve team including a bit of coaching from their international player Duscan Turcer, he's off to Ireland in August to play in the AC European Championship.

We made some amazing friends and contacts amongst the Novo and Algarve teams and watch this space as I will be taking up Algarve's offer of taking a team out to Portugal and play against them at some point.

Roll on next year as I don't think this will be a one off.



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