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Today's match was the first AC league match we have played - and we had another fine day for it. Just three players on each side, with a singles and a doubles game played in the morning (double banking), and repeated in the afternoon with a different doubles pairing

That meant a total of six and a half hours of croquet - each match lasted pretty much the full three and a quarter hours - though you do spend part of that time sitting down watching your opponent(s) playing.

Well the result was a creditable draw - two games each - so the honours were shared!

Star of the day was David, who won both his doubles and his singles games; the final singles ending in a close finish 19-17

Very many thanks to Valerie who made up a delicious ploughman's lunch followed by strawberry meringues, and also baked a yummy Victoria sponge for tea.

(Bromley team: David, Adam, Tony)


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