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Today we played our final Association S-League match against Cheam. The lawn at Cheam is an ex-bowls lawn and as such has the finest playing surface offered at any of the clubs we have played so far in our league matches. The day was mainly sunny and warm and ideal for our last game.

The match consisted of just four games for our three-man team - a single and a doubles in the morning, and the same in the afternoon. Total playing time up to six and a half hours. We were up against players of lower handicaps and so were able to claim a few bisques in each match.

Well, we won the match 4-0. Games were closely fought and played in great spirit, but there was no doubt which team had the edge.

So in summary, our results were:-

Vs Hampstead Heath - Lost 1-3

Vs Reigate Priory - Drew 2-2

Vs Merton Won 4-0

Vs Cheam Won 4-0

Lunch was generously provided, including a superb cheesecake.

The team today was David Clemenson, Adam Newbould, and Tony Besgrove


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