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Today our GC B team travelled to Dulwich A for our first league match of the season. This match was played under the new Advantage scoring system, which saw Bromley giving away hoop advantages in all nine our games, so it was going to be a tough day.

The weather was not as hot as the last couple of days which gave a bit of respite from the hot sun.

Dulwich A came into the match with two wins from two in the league so far and were quite confident of making it a third, but did Bromley have other ideas?

The match was broken down into three sessions.

We started with two doubles contests which saw (Paul and Adam) and (Wendy and I) both winning our doubles, so a two nil start from Team Bromley.

Next up was four singles matches which saw two wins for Bromley and two wins for Dulwich so going into lunch Team Bromley was leading 4 games to 2 games, only one more win for the match .

A nice buffet lunch was provided by our hosts with full bar service available which Team Bromley declined as we were true sporting-individuals.

The afternoon session was one doubles match and two singles. This saw Paul and Wendy team up for the doubles and another Bromley win, making it 5 games to 2 and a guaranteed win. The final two games saw Adam and I both winning our singles games and giving Bromley a final match win of 7 games and 2.

A very pleasing result. Although the winning margin was big the actual individual games were all quite close.

At the end of the match our successful winning team then did accept our hosts invitation of a drink from the bar, obviously just to be friendly .

Well done Team Bromley (Wendy, Adam, Paul and Martin) and roll on the next match



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