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Today our GC B team had our first home league game against Ivychurch and we entered the fixture with two wins from two. This match was played under the new Advantage scoring system, which saw Bromley giving away hoop advantages in all nine games, so it was going to be a tough day. The weather was mainly overcast but the rain arrived during the afternoon play. The matches are normally broken down into three sessions, but the way games were going along we played them over two sessions to allow for a lunch break in-between. We started with two doubles contests which saw honours even with one game each. Next up was three singles matches which saw two wins for Team B and one win for Ivychurch so going into lunch Team B were leading 3 games to 2 games. As always, the amazing Valerie Smith put on a fine Ploughman's lunch followed rather large portions of Lemon Merigue Pie (not that I was complaining). The afternoon session started with a singles match which was left over for the normal format in the morning session which saw a very impressive 7-0 win for Karen and she also started from -1 down . Unfortunately, that's where Team B's wins finished as we lost the remaining two singles and a doubles game to eventually lose the match 5-4. Throughout the day all games were very close (well apart Karen who before her singles win had also played in a doubles 7-0 win) and were played in a very good spirit. At the end of the match, yet again, the amazing Valerie provided a rather large and nice Victoria Sponge and I refute any allegations that I was the only one that had two pieces. It wasn't our day today but thanks to our team, Karen, Adam, Paul, Caroline and Martin) and roll on the next match, which is our final game of the season at home to Canterbury next Monday. Martin

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