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As you will be aware Team B in the SECF GC Advantage League won the East Division in 2023.

This resulted in playing West Worthing, the West Division winners in the Area Final and the winners progressing to the National Quarter Finals representing the SECF.

Yesterday saw us finally play the Area Final and we agreed that West Worthing would host the match. Weather conditions were not great with constant showers throughout the match.

Our team for the day was Karen, Adam, Paul and myself and West Worthing fielded six players ranging in handicaps from 2 to 7.

The format was, two doubles, followed by four singles, followed by a round of two singles and one doubles.

The doubles saw Karen and Adam win their game but unfortunately Paul and I narrowly lost, so one-one after the doubles.

The round of singles saw wins for Karen and I and very narrow defeats for Adam and Paul, this left the match very tight at three games each.

The final round saw Adam and Paul play the singles but unfortunately both lost and Karen and I won the doubles.

The final result was a 5-4 win for West Worthing and they now face Leicester in the national quarter finals.

2023 saw Team B beat Dulwich 7-2, Purley Bury 8-1, Canterbury 7-2 and a narrow defeat of 5-4 to Ivy Church.

Today I played at Southwick, where I was presented and accepted the SECF GC Advantage West Division  2023 Trophy on behalf of Team B. I've attached a couple of photos and I will put the trophy in the clubhouse tomorrow, to add to our growing trophy cabinet .

Finally, please can I give a big thanks, well done, you all played a blinder to Team B 2023 (Karen, Wendy, Caroline, Adam, Paul and Douglas), it's been a pleasure and honour captaining the team and to Valerie for the lunches during our home games.

I now hand over the Team B captaincy to Karen who will look to defend our league title during 2024 




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