Partial re-opening of the club

Re-opening of the club May 2020.

From the Monday 25th May, the club will be opening for a limited amount of play, following the new guidance on Covid-19 Precautions for outdoor sports issued by the Government.

Please read and follow the guidance set out below.

The Clubhouse will only be open to access equipment, toilets and hand washing facilities. The kitchen will be closed except for the use of the sink for washing equipment.

All the equipment needed for two games will be found in the pavilion and must be stored there. The only reason to go to the equipment store will be if you need to borrow a mallet, in which case, the key to the store must be disinfected before it is returned to the cupboard. Rather than return this mallet to the store at the end of your first session we are suggesting that you borrow it for the duration and take it home with you so that you always use the same one and have no further need to go to the equipment store. If you choose not to take the mallet home, then the handle should be sanitised and the mallet left in the clubhouse.

Sanitized wipes will be available to enable players to wash/clean the equipment after use, to wipe the wash basins, toilet seats, door handles, padlocks and keys. Please put all used wipes in one of the poly bags provided and take home with you for disposal: please do not put them in the waste bins. Following the advice from the Croquet Association and the manufacturer of Dawson balls a mild dishwashing detergent and water should be used to clean the croquet balls; anything else may damage and discolour the balls.

The hand driers in the toilets will be switched off and the roller towels removed to avoid the spread of infection. Hand-sanitisers are being provided but please bring your own hand towel to enable you to wash your hands. Bringing your own hand sanitiser would be a great help.

Only pre-arranged games or practice are allowed; there will not be any club roll-up sessions.

If you wish to play you must use the new online booking system (details are in a separate document); do not turn up on the off chance of playing. This will avoid unnecessary trips to the ground and also facilitate contact tracing if necessary.

No social activity should take place.

No guests or spectators are allowed inside the club grounds.

Bromley Croquet Club Covid-19 Precautions For Playing Croquet at Bromley C C

Advice to Players

1. Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu, in particular a cough or high temperature. Use the NHS helpline and seek advice. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

2. From Monday 15th June those who want to play doubles may do so on the large lawn but strict social distancing must be kept. Therefore the large lawn will either be used by one pair playing singles or a foursome playing doubles. Double banking of singles is not permitted. The small lawn is not available for doubles play. When booking the lawn for doubles the names of all 4 players should be entered on the large lawn.

3. Any activity should be in line with the Government’s social distancing measures at all times, including when going to and departing from a lawn. Consequently, do not shake hands before or after a game.

4. Wash your hands and clean any equipment you use, such as hoops, balls and club mallets, before and after you play.

5. When setting out and taking in a court, only one person should handle any particular hoop or the peg.

6. Clean padlocks, keys and door handles before and after use.

7. Avoid using toilets wherever possible and clean them after use.

8. Use the new online court booking system, rather than turning up in the hope of being able to play or practise. Each person can pre-book up to 4 hours play per week on each of the lawns. The slots can be 4 separate 1 hour slots or 2 two hour slots however only 2 of those hours can be between 2pm and 5pm from Monday to Friday. On any day you can look for vacant slots for that day and book them before going along to play. Please do not go on speck.

9. If possible, dress appropriately prior to travelling to the club, rather than changing there.

10. Bring any food or drink and any crockery and cutlery you might need.

11. Don’t use clips or ball markers; agree the score at the end of each scoring turn; use personal counters to keep count of bisques/extra turns.

12. Avoid using movable chairs as far as possible, otherwise clean them before and after use.

13. Use your feet, rather than hands, to position balls where you can do so with sufficient precision.

14. Be your own referee and acknowledge faults and errors as they occur.

15. Take home all used wipes in one of the polybags provided. Do not leave any rubbish in the clubhouse.

Managing the Electric Fence

The switch to turn off the electric fence is located under the kitchen worktop immediately on the left as you enter the door. It will be on the wall behind the grey plastic waste bin that is there.

The way onto the lawn is via the main 'gate' in the fence opposite the second clubhouse door. On the gate there are five springs with black handles at the end. After switching off the power, please unhook the handles and hang then on the hooks at the other end of the spring.

It is vitally important if you are the last to leave that you ensure that the spring gate is reset and the switch under the worktop is turned on to make the fence live. You should be able to hear a regular 'tick' from the green box under the worktop that provides the power to the fence, and also see a red light flash the right hand side of the box face that tells you it is working OK.

The fence will not harm you, and if touched will give you the feeling of something like an ant bite - just a small shock, barely noticeable.

If you have any questions about any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following by email or phone: Tony, Sue G, Frances (not between 2 pm and 4 pm)

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