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Managing the Electric Fence

The switch to turn off the electric fence is located under the kitchen worktop immediately on the left as you enter the door. It will be on the wall behind the grey plastic waste bin that is there.

The way onto the lawn is via the main 'gate' in the fence opposite the second clubhouse door. On the gate there are five springs with black handles at the end. After switching off the power, please unhook the handles and hang then on the hooks at the other end of the spring.

It is vitally important if you are the last to leave that you ensure that the spring gate is reset and the switch under the worktop is turned on to make the fence live. You should be able to hear a regular 'tick' from the green box under the worktop that provides the power to the fence, and also see a red light flash the right hand side of the box face that tells you it is working OK.

The fence will not harm you, and if touched will give you the feeling of something like an ant bite - just a small shock, barely noticeable.

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